About Us:

At Qliclabs, we aim to deliver Simple, Affordable and Sustainable Solutions. With Businesses looking for New possibilities at multiple Locations, mobility is the key for productivity and efficiency which is continuously backed by latest technology. Small or Big, Businesses can now adopt and access NEW TECHNOLOGIES, well suited for Today and Tomorrow.


Technology for All. Small or Big, access to right tools and application is the key. Cost is the barrier and technical know-how and know-why make this process even more Complicated. From having Business in 1 Location, to going Multi Locations, need to have Web Presence for your Customers and Vendors, Payment Integrations, our solution empowers your business with complete access to all of this at no extra cost, your business need is our focus.


Simple, Affordable and Sustainable Solutions committed for All.

27% of small businesses do not have IT support

(SMB Group)

Just 53% of small businesses have a website

(Statistic Brain)

80% of small businesses are still using a manual integration tool

(SMB Group)

Mobile apps save small business employees 725 million work hours per year


Small business technology spending increased by 50% in 2015


66% of small business would fail without wireless technology

(AT&T Small Business Technology Poll)

66% of small business owners rely on mobile devices to manage operations

(Constant Contact)

92% of small businesses are using one or more cloud-based solution

(SMB Group)

75% of small businesses that employ under 100 staff don’t own any computers


Network security/data security:

Data is priceless and Data Protection is a Huge Responsibility. Your Data is secured and its close to Impossible for hacking.

Data Backup:

Need of timely Data backup is under looked and is often person dependant, makes it even more difficult. Our Automated Backups is managed Service by itself, always with attached with you, like a shadow.

Go Paperless:

Papers move slower and may get lost in transit. Our Digital Document Management makes your Source of Data accessible from anywhere, anytime.

IT Plan:

Getting Infrastructure for IT and getting it right is a Challenge which involves investment of time and money. With 0 cost on Infrastructure, this entire activity easy and smooth.

The Cloud:

For Business to Scale and Adopt, Infrastructure scaling and maintaining Competitiveness is a continuous process. Cloud Services provide huge benefits for going Big and Wide in the quickest possible time and most affordable way. In short cloud services makes your business better than before.